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Check used cars in advance

The ad check

Do you know this? You found your dream car online. You drive to the sales location full of anticipation and when you get to the car you quickly realize: the condition of the vehicle does not match the description you read beforehand. from the comfort of your own home! With the advert check you will receive valuable information about the vehicle before you even travel to the vehicle location.


What is an advert check? This service aims to provide potential car buyers with security and confidence when purchasing a used car. In a professional telephone interview with the seller, our experienced staff will collect important details about the vehicle that may not be included in the online advert. This includes information about the vehicle's accident-free status, vehicle history, service history and much more. This way, you can be sure that you have all the relevant information to make an informed decision.


Why should you use the ad check? Buying a car online is often fraught with uncertainty, as the information in the ad may not be sufficient to make a qualified purchase decision. The ad check provides you with additional information about the vehicle that will help you assess the seriousness of the offer and minimize potential risks that can be crucial for your further actions.

The advantages of the ad check



 Our trained staff at have the expertise and experience to ask relevant questions and gather important information that can be crucial for the car purchase.

Time saving

Time saving

Anstatt selbst den Verkäufer kontaktieren und Informationen einholen zu müssen, übernimmt diesen Prozess und liefert Dir einen umfassenden Bericht über das Fahrzeug.

Sicherheit beim Autokauf


By checking the advert, you can identify potential risks early on and make informed decisions. This way, you can avoid unexpected problems and save yourself potential costs and hassle in the future.

Decision when buying a used car


You can better estimate whether it is worth driving to the vehicle location or commissioning us to carry out an on-site inspection.

Content of the ad check

In a professional telephone interview, our trained specialists conduct the following:

  • Telephone Survey: Our experts gather essential information about the vehicle through a professional phone interview, going beyond what is provided in the advertisement.

  • Comparison of Advertisement Details: We cross-reference the details provided in the advertisement with the information provided by the seller.

  • Condition Assessment: Our experts evaluate the information gathered and assess the condition of the vehicle. This includes evaluating the functionality of electronics, identifying any accident damage, and assessing the overall interior and exterior condition.

  • Vehicle & Service History: We collect useful information about the vehicle's history, including its service records. These details help us evaluate the maintenance and repair status of the vehicle and provide a well-founded assessment of its overall condition.

  • Document Verification: We verify the currency and presence of all relevant documents.

  • Sales Conditions: We clarify the sales conditions to ensure all aspects are clear and understandable. For example, we check if the vehicle being viewed is registered and whether a test drive can be arranged.

  • Seller Rating: We provide clear insights into the seller's reputation, enabling you to buy with confidence. Our ratings offer security and transparency.

  • Report via Email: The report summarizes the key findings and serves as a solid basis for decision-making. Now you can decide whether it's worth having the vehicle inspected further, for example, by one of our inspectors.


1. Book the advert check online now. All we need is the link to the advert.


2. Immediately after your order, we will contact the provider of your desired vehicle as quickly as possible and work through a comprehensive list of questions.


3. You will then receive a detailed report within 24 hours so that you have all the information you need to make the right decision quickly and easily. It contains the following information:


  • Vehicle data

  • Information about the vehicle documents

  • Service history

  • Vehicle condition (technical & optical)

  • Tires

  • General conditions of sale

  • and much more.

4. Now you can decide whether it is worth driving to the vehicle location or commissioning us to carry out an on-site inspection.

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