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Car check before you buy it!

On-site car check

Dream car found? We'll do the check!

Welcome to, your trusted partner when it comes to buying a used car. We understand that purchasing a vehicle is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Our mission is to help make the buying process as simple, safe, and worry-free as possible for you.

The beginning of your journey to your dream car

It starts with you finding your desired vehicle - whether it's on an online platform, at a dealership, or from a private seller. You may be wondering if this car is really what it seems to be. That's where we come in.

Our experts inspect your desired car

Our experts are traveling nationwide to check the car for you on-site. Whether it's a visual inspection of the bodywork, an engine or transmission check, a paint analysis, or a fault code reading (OBD) - our specialists are ready to ensure that you're buying a vehicle you can rely on. After the inspection is complete, you'll receive a detailed digital report from us about the condition of the vehicle.


Your Benefits

Vermeide Fehler beim Autokauf

Avoid false listings

Save yourself from long and unsuccessful trips. Our used car check provides clear insights before you travel to the vehicle location.

Spare Zeit beim Autokauf

Save time

We'll travel to the vehicle location for you while you can focus on other matters.

Verhandle mit Wissen beim Autokauf

Negotiate with knowledge

Our experts will uncover any defects so you can adjust the price or make repairs
You can request this before you arrive.

Unabhängige Fahrzeugbewertung

Independent assessment

We have no financial interest in the sale of the vehicle. Our neutral assessment protects you from overpriced offers and fraud.

Choose Your Inspection Package

We offer three options for a comprehensive vehicle inspection: Basic, Plus and Premium. Each package is designed to meet your car buying needs and give you peace of mind. Choose the package that suits you best.


The Basic Check offers a comprehensive vehicle inspection that covers crucial aspects to give you a clear insight into the condition of the vehicle.

  • Body check: Our experts carry out a thorough visual inspection of the exterior bodywork to identify paint damage and document any damage.

  • Engine check: We check the engine compartment for leaks or damaged parts and perform a test run of the engine to assess its condition.

  • Gearbox check: We carry out a reaction test of the gearbox when stationary and while driving to check its functionality and identify possible problems.

  • Test drive: We conduct a test drive to test the engine, transmission and handling under real conditions and to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the vehicle.

  • Document review: We carefully review vehicle documents to ensure that all required documentation is present and up to date.

  • Condition report: After the inspection is completed, you will receive a detailed report from us about the condition of the vehicle.

  • Telephone advice: Take advantage of the opportunity to receive telephone advice and support from our experts to clarify questions about the condition of the vehicle and discuss further steps.


Our Plus-Check offers an extended vehicle analysis and includes all aspects of the Basic-Check. With specific tests like a precise paint analysis and detailed photo documentation, it provides deeper insight into the condition of the vehicle.

  • Paint Analysis: We perform a precise paint thickness measurement to identify any prior damage or repainting on the exterior body.

  • Tire Check: Healthy tires are crucial for driving safety. Worn-out tread or damaged tires can increase the risk of accidents. We check not only the tread depth but also the age and overall condition of the tires.

  • Photo Documentation: We create a detailed photo documentation capturing the vehicle's condition and any damages comprehensively.


  • Condition Report: After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report on the vehicle's condition.

  • Phone Consultation: Take advantage of phone consultation and support from our experts to clarify any questions about the vehicle's condition and discuss further steps.





Our Premium-Check offers everything included in the Basic and Plus Checks, plus a thorough engine and electronics diagnosis and a detailed inspection of all electrical controls. We also carefully examine the interior for signs of wear and evaluate the seller to give you a comprehensive overview.

  • Engine and Electronics Diagnosis: We read error codes through the vehicle's OBD port to identify potential issues or malfunctions in the electronic systems and conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the engine and electronics.

  • Electronic Controls: We perform a thorough functionality test of all electronic components and switches in the interior to ensure they are working correctly.

  • Interior Visual Inspection: We inspect the vehicle's interior for visible signs of wear, damage, or lack of care to get a complete understanding of the vehicle's condition.

  • Phone Consultation: Take advantage of phone consultation and support from our experts to clarify any questions about the vehicle's condition and discuss further steps.

  • Seller Evaluation: We provide clear insights into the seller's reputation, enabling you to buy with confidence. Our evaluations offer security and transparency.

  • Condition Report: After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report on the vehicle's condition.


1. Book your used car check online now. All we need is the link to the advert.


2. Immediately after you place your order, we will contact the provider of your desired vehicle as quickly as possible and arrange a viewing appointment. If you have not already done so, we will keep you updated throughout the entire process so that you are always informed about the progress.


3. After the assessment is complete, you will receive a detailed digital status report within 24 hours. This includes the following information:


  • Vehicle data

  • Information on the vehicle documents

  • Service history

  • Vehicle condition (technical & optical)  

  • and much more.

4. Now you have a clear picture of your dream car and can make an informed purchase decision.

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