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About Us

A team for all occasions

The history of is shaped by the passion to make car buying easier and more transparent for people. Our inspiration comes from the experiences of a team that has experienced the car buying process from different perspectives.

Our mission is to address the problem many car buyers are familiar with: long, often frustrating trips to vehicle locations, only to find that many cars are in poor mechanical condition and do not match the description in the listing.

These challenges drove us to look for a solution. The idea was clear: an independent on-site used car check that makes the actual condition of a vehicle transparent before you even set off. This is how the vision of our service was born. Team

At we want to give people the certainty that they can buy their dream car without the fear that it will not meet their expectations. With our independent used car check we want to revolutionize car buying and make long, frustrating trips to disappointing vehicle inspections a thing of the past.

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