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Used car purchase assistance

Your professional purchase assistance for car buying

You've decided to buy a new vehicle, but car buying can be a complex and challenging task. That's why at, we offer professional purchase assistance to guide you through every step of the buying process. Our purchase assistance consists of three essential parts:​

  1. Market research and price determination: We conduct comprehensive market research to determine the fair price for your desired vehicle, ensuring you get a fair deal.

  2. On-site used car inspection: As part of this service, your potential vehicle is thoroughly examined. Our experts conduct a detailed inspection to ensure the vehicle meets the specified standards and has no hidden defects.

  3. Purchase assistance by our expert: We accompany you throughout the entire purchase process. From the initial contact with the seller to price negotiation and the conclusion of the purchase contract, we support you with our expertise and experience.


With our professional purchase assistance, you can approach the car buying process stress-free and with confidence. We're here to ensure you make the best decision and that your car purchase is a complete success. Discover the benefits of our purchase assistance and let us help you find and buy your dream car without the usual difficulties and uncertainties that can accompany a car purchase.

The benefit of our purchase assistance

Used car check by an inspector


Enjoy an individual and personal service that is tailored to your needs and requirements. Our team is available to help you with all questions and concerns and will accompany you on the way to buying your dream car.

Time-saving in car buying


Benefit from our comprehensive service that saves you time and effort. We take care of the time-consuming market research, price negotiations and on-site vehicle inspection for you.

Safety in car buying


With our purchase assitance, you can be sure that you`ll receive a high-quality vehicle at a fair price. We ensure that all aspects of the purchasing process are thoroughly checked to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

Ideal price for the used car

Best price

Our market analysis and price determination will give you the certainty that you are not paying too much. We will help you to get the best possible price for your dream vehicle.

Content of the purchase support

Pricing and assessment of vehicle market value

We conduct thorough market research to determine the market value of your desired vehicle. This way you can be sure that you will receive a fair offer.

Used car check on site

Our expert carries out the Premium Check and thoroughly examines the vehicle on site to ensure that it is in good condition and has no hidden defects.

Purchase support from our experts

Our expert will be at your side throughout the entire purchase process and will support you in negotiations with the seller so that you get the best possible price.

Video call

If you cannot attend the viewing in person, we offer you the option of a video call. This way you can still see the vehicle live and check its condition.

Help with document review

We will assist you in checking all relevant vehicle documents so that you can be sure that all required documents are present and up to date.


Even after the purchase, we will continue to be there for you and offer support with any questions or problems relating to your vehicle.


1. Book your purchase assistance online now. All we need is the link to the online advert.


2. Immediately after your order, we will contact the provider of your desired vehicle as quickly as possible and arrange a viewing appointment. If you haven't already done so. We will keep you updated throughout the entire process so that you are always informed about the progress.


3. Once the viewing date is set, an experienced expert will personally accompany you to ensure that you can thoroughly examine all relevant aspects of the vehicle during the viewing. As the expert is on site, there is no need to prepare and send a report later, saving time and allowing for an immediate assessment.


4. Now you have a clear picture of your dream car and can make an informed purchase decision.

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