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Used car search

The journey to your dream car often begins with the search - an exciting adventure that awakens hope and sparks anticipation for the future vehicle. But between the shiny pictures and tempting descriptions on the online platforms, there are numerous challenges and imponderables. Not every advert corresponds to reality, and hidden defects and unexpected problems can lurk behind the tempting offers.


We at understand that finding the perfect used car can be tedious and time-consuming. That's why we developed our used car search service to take this burden off your shoulders. Instead of spending hours scrolling through countless ads and chasing potentially fraudulent offers, you can sit back and relax and let us do the work.

Our experienced team of experts at takes care of the tedious search for you. We scour the online platforms and specifically look for vehicles that meet your requirements and wishes. We not only filter according to the obvious criteria such as brand, model and price, but also take your individual preferences and needs into account. Thanks to our many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge in the field of used car purchasing , we know exactly what is important. We recognize potential risks and hidden defects and ensure that you are only presented with vehicles that meet our strict quality standards. This way you can be sure that you will only receive serious and trustworthy offers and will not waste your time on unreliable advertisements.


With our used car search service, you can sit back and relax and trust that we will find the perfect vehicle for you. Give yourself the certainty and security that you will find your dream car without having to deal with the stress and uncertainty of the search alone.

Your Benefit

Automotive expert


Our experienced team of used car experts are well versed in the challenges of buying a car and will find vehicles for you that meet your requirements.

used car search save time

Time saving

Our used car search saves you hours of searching and browsing through online advertisements because we do this task for you.

Used car search risk

Risk minimization

Thanks to our expertise, we can identify potential risks and hidden defects at an early stage, so that you are protected from unpleasant surprises.

Used car search stress


By letting us take care of the search, you can sit back and relax and concentrate on other things while we find the perfect vehicle for you.


1. Fill out the search form for our used car search service and enter your individual search criteria for a specific vehicle brand and model. Then click on book. In the next step you will be redirected to the payment process to book the service.


2. Immediately after your order, our experts will start searching for vehicles that match your specified criteria. They will search through various online platforms and databases.


3. You will then receive at least two vehicle suggestions that match your search criteria within 24 hours.

4. You can contact the providers of the suggested vehicles directly to obtain further information or to arrange viewing appointments.

5. If you wish, you can instruct our team to carry out an on-site inspection of the vehicle to check its condition and possible defects.

The car search

Which car are you looking for?

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